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Process For Establishing An Account For Wholesale Purchase
From Wine Country Plus

Thank you for your interest in becoming a wholesale customer of Wine Country Plus.

We have some specific criteria for our wholesale partners that you need to meet in order to use our products. These criteria reflect the nature of our business and help us maintain our quality standards. Please read the information below carefully and make sure you can comply with all of the requirements before applying for a wholesale account.

You must meet the following criteria in order for your
account to be approved:​

  • We only sell to businesses that can showcase our products in retail and have a good knowledge of beer and wine brewing. We do not sell to clubs, individuals, or home-based businesses. We recommend that you and/or your employees learn more about our products to help with product sales. 

  • Be prepared with information regarding your proposed store location, licenses, and tax ID when applying for an account.

    • Wine on-premise accounts must submit proof of their winery license, as well as any other licenses that pertain to their business. 

    • Wineries and breweries have to submit a copy of their winery or brewery license. Wineries and breweries are not required to have a first-order minimum, but the first order must be prepaid. ​

  • You need to place a minimum first order of $500.00 and pay for it in advance. You also need to meet the annual minimum requirements for order frequency and quantity to keep your account active once approved.

If you satisfy the above criteria, please proceed to the Contact Request Form by clicking on the following link:


Your request will then be reviewed by a sales associate.

The preceding criteria are used to determine all new customer approvals. All approved new accounts must then complete a company information form, credit card authorization form, and must submit the appropriate licenses and certificates. We pride ourselves on conducting business in a fair and honest manner, and we expect our clients to do the same. Wine Country Plus verifies all information provided and maintains the right to deny and/or delete any account as necessary.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to working with you.

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