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Beer Equipment Kits

Explore our assortment of beer equipment kits, which include all of the equipment you need to start brewing your own beer. To access our instruction manual, please click here.

Home Beermaker Basic

The Basic Home Beermaker kit includes everything you need to start brewing your own beer at home. 


Kit Contains

5 gal Plastic Fermenter Pail


Racking Cane w/ Tubing


Hydrometer w/ Test Jar

Bottle Brush

Hand Capper

Instruction Manual

Home Beermaker Complete

This kit includes everything from the Basic kit, plus some additional items that will help with the bottling process.


Kit Additionally Contains

5 gal Bottling Bucket

Bottling Spigot

Auto Siphon

Spring Bottle Filler

Capper Tappatrice (replaces Hand Capper)

Bottle Caps

PET bottles


Home Beermaker Deluxe

Our Deluxe Home Beermaker Kit contains everything from the Basic and Complete kits, with a few more additions to help increase the quality of your beer.


Kit Additionally Contains

5 gal Glass Carboy (replaces Plastic Fermenter Pail)

Carboy Brush

Wine Thief

Floating Thermometer

Glass Bottles (replaces PET bottles)

Brewing Recipe Book

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