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Bottle Fillers & Racking Canes

Spring Tip Bottle Filler, 3/8"

Spring Tip Bottle Filler, 1/2"

Siphon Valve Filler, 3/8"

Siphon Valve Filler, 1/2"

Transferring Racking Cane, 3/8" x 24"

Transferring Racking Cane, 1/2" x 24"

Transferring Racking Cane, 3/8" x 30"

Racking Cane Tip, 3/8"

Racking Cane Tip, 1/2"

Racking Cane Clamp


Hammer Capper
Italian Super Agata Bench Capper Omega
Black Bench Capper
Italian Hand Capper Emily
Black Beauty Capper
Double Lever Brev Capper
Gloria Twin Lever Capper

Cleaning Equipment

Bottle Drainer (45 CT)

Bottle Drainer (90 CT)

Avinator Rinser

Wine Bottle Brush

Beer Bottle Brush

Carboy Brush

Carboy And Bottle Jet Washer


Plastic Hand Corker
Single Lever Hand Corker (French)
Single Lever Hand Corker (Italian)
Double Lever Hand Corker (Portuguese
Floor Corker (Italian)
Floor Corker (Portuguese)

Fermentation Equipment

Three-piece Air Lock

Twin Bubbler Air Lock


Funnels & Strainers

4" Funnel
6" Funnel
8" Funnel
10" Funnel
12" Funnel
14" Funnel
4" Fine Mesh Straining Screen

Plastic Tubing

1/4" ID Food Grade, 100'

5/16" ID Food Grade, 100'

3/8" ID Food Grade, 100'

7/16" ID Food Grade, 100'

1/2" ID Food Grade, 100'

1" ID Food Grade, 50'

Plastic Tubing Clamp - 3/8"

Plastic Tubing Clamp - 1/2"


Siphon Pump (Green)
Auto-Siphon 1/2"
Auto-Siphon 3/8"
Auto Siphon Clip 1/2"
Auto Siphon Clip 3/8"
Easy Siphon 3/8" x 24"
Easy Siphon 3/8" x 15"
Easy Siphon 1/2" x 24"
Easy Siphon Clip

Spoons & Stirrers

Plastic Brewers Paddle, 18"
Plastic Brewers Paddle, 24"
Plastic Brewers Paddle, 28"
Plastic Spoon, 18"
Plastic Spoon, 24"
Plastic Spoon, 28"
Plastic Mix-Stir
Stainless Steel Mix-Stir


Testing Equipment

Acid Testing Kit
Phenolphthalein Indicator (0.5 fl oz)
Sodium Hydroxide (4 fl oz)
Triple Scale Hydrometer
Glass Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
Hydrometer Test Jar
Touch Tip Wine Thief
Three Piece Wine Sampler

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